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  • Game Developer Salary Survey 2013 [01.30.14]
  • img Game Developer magazine presents its 12th annual Salary Survey, tracking pay rates across multiple industry fields and comparing salaries across regions and educational backgrounds.
  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Touché! [01.28.14]
  • img Touché, Stanina, and other input technologies have the potential to transform how games are played. Our readers weigh in with game designs that revolve around the creative use of household objects.
  • Postmortem: Armourgeddon [01.21.14]
  • img Benjamin Roye critically examines the student-led development process behind the "steam-punk-esque, shoot many robots, third-person action game" Armourgeddon.
  • Start Using Twitter! [01.16.14]
  • img Developer Steven Honders explains why establishing and maintaining a social media presence via Twitter is key to a career in the games industry -- especially for newcomers.

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