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  • Game Design Challenge: Just In Time [11.06.18]
  • img Can you design a game that features time travel as a central gameplay mechanic? Put your skills to the test in our latest Game Design Challenge!
  • Brewing Meaningful UX In Coffee Talk [11.01.18]
  • img Student developer Adlan Arvyanda Ramly discusses the interface design techniques he refined during his internship as a UX and UI consultant at Toge Productions.
  • The Writing Game: Play, Don't Show [10.30.18]
  • img Adapting the "show, don't tell" rule to gaming narratives, Gregory Pellechi details the benefits of progressing your storyline during gameplay, rather than cutscenes.
  • Postmortem: Project Lake Ridden [10.25.18]
  • img Midnight Hub's Sara Casen recalls the challenges two coders, two artists, and one producer faced when developing and marketing their debut project Lake Ridden.