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  • Look, Ma, No Code [08.19.14]
  • img GameSalad and Scirra’s Construct 2 offer amateur developers simple drag-and-drop tools to create entire games without ever learning to program. Let’s take them for a spin.
  • Postmortem: Magnet Ball [08.12.14]
  • img Livio De La Cruz explains how learning and adapting on the fly saved the ambitious but struggling student project Magnet Ball in this postmortem feature.
  • Talent Versus Skill [08.07.14]
  • img Koen Deetman explains the key differences between talent and skill within the field of game development in this enlightening feature.
  • Postmortem: The Cow Flew Over the Moon [07.31.14]
  • img Jonny Pickton examines the creation of The Cow Flew Over the Moon, a self-described "pretentious game" that proved to be a valuable learning experience.