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  • So you want to be a game developer? [08.13.15]
  • img Do you want to make games but don't know where to start? This beginner's guide and list of resources from Theresa Duringer will put you on the path to success.
  • Design 101: Emotional Alignment [08.11.15]
  • img In the latest installment of his Design 101 series, Dan Felder outlines the emotional elements of games that keep players engaged throughout.
  • Developer Interview: Asher Einhorn [08.06.15]
  • img In this Q&A feature, Game Career Guide asks designer Asher Einhorn about his background, his inspirations, and the circumstances that led him to pursue game development as a career.
  • Game Design Challenge: Insect Invasion [08.04.15]
  • img Are you a fan of offbeat games like Sim Ant and Mr. Mosquito? Join our latest Game Design Challenge, where we're looking for games in which players can experience life as an insect.