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  • College Dev Status Report [12.17.13]
  • img College freshman Tony Yotes discusses how his first published apps are performing, giving students an idea of what to expect from the current App Store climate.
  • Jamming Your Way Into the Industry [12.12.13]
  • img University of Copenhagen graduate and Nordic Game Jam organizer Anchel Labena explains how students can kickstart a career in the games industry by participating in indie-led game jams.
  • Postmortem: Pitch Jumper [12.10.13]
  • img Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy Master's student A.J. Walker reflects on the development of Pitch Jumper, a student-created rhythm game for iOS and Android.
  • Advice for Game Design Students [12.05.13]
  • img Self Made Miracle designer Rick van Ginkel offers his perspective and advice for incoming game design students, reflecting on his university experience in this detailed feature.

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