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  • The Indie's Guide to Surviving Events [03.23.17]
  • img Luis Diaz presents a helpful beginner's guide for students and indie developers showing off their games at a public expo for the first time.
  • Gamification in Game Education [03.21.17]
  • img Paul Roberts discusses how gamification can lead to increased attendance and participation among students enrolled in a university course on artificial intelligence.
  • Curating Your Game's System Design [03.09.17]
  • img Nyamakop co-founder Ben Myres explores the realm of system design, offering advice on how to maintain a solid balance between depth and complexity.
  • Game Design Challenge: Beat by Beat [03.07.17]
  • img Crypt of the Necrodancer introduced the world to the idea of a "rhythm roguelike," to great effect. Can you design the next unconventional hit featuring rhythm mechanics?