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  • Postmortem: Sorrow [11.07.13]
  • img SMU Guildhall's Benjamin Weber reflects on the development of Sorrow, a puzzle-platformer that struggled with engine issues and time contraints.
  • Game Design Challenge: Thanksgiving [11.06.13]
  • img Halloween and Christmas have inspired multiple video games in the past, but Thanksgiving doesn't have the same appeal for game developers. Can you design a game based on Turkey Day?
  • Postmortem: Torrent [10.31.13]
  • img The Guildhall at SMU student Navin Supphapholsiri gives insight into the creation of Torrent, a hacking-themed first-person shooter developed over 12 weeks.
  • Building a better demo reel [10.24.13]
  • img Proletariat Inc. senior animator Sterling Reames offers a set of hints for artists looking to set themselves apart from the crowd with a memorable demo reel.

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