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  • Design 101: The Role of Randomness [12.10.15]
  • img Dan Felder continues his Design 101 series with a look at the dreaded RNG - or random number generator - that drives luck-based elements in games.
  • 10 Tips From A Year In Indie Dev [12.03.15]
  • img Burning Arrow co-founder Alex Barnes offers his perspective on indie development with this collection of helpful hints for industry startups.
  • Game Design Challenge: Keep it Clean [12.01.15]
  • img From Tooth Invaders to Shower With Your Dad Simulator, the act of cleaning has inspired a number of memorable and unconventional games. Can you design the next hygienic hit?
  • How to Handle Sprint Planning [11.19.15]
  • img Veteran producer and level designer Brian Applegate explains how game development teams can prioritize their goals by using spring planning effectively.