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  • The 5 biggest video game surprises of 2012 [12.12.12]
  • img Gamasutra UK editor Mike Rose continues Gamasutra's annual year-end roundups series by looking back at the five biggest video game surprises of 2012, including a couple of big-name acquistions.
  • The 5 biggest disappointments of 2012 [12.11.12]
  • img In any space as diverse as the game industry, there are bound to be meaningful disappointments -- but what were the most affecting of them all? Gamasutra's Christian Nutt looks back at what left us wanting more.
  • The 5 events that shook the video game industry in 2012 [12.07.12]
  • img When we look back at 2012 somewhere in the distant future, we just might see it as the start of the biggest disruption to video games since the industry crash of the early 1980s. Here are the 5 events that hit us the hardest.

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