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  • Oddballs

  • This game has been downloaded 180 times
    This game has been downloaded 180 times

    School: Media Design School

    Date updated: 2008-04-23 Category: Racing/Flying

    Rank this game: Current 3 Votes, Average rank is 3.7 Requirements: RAM: 512MB or better Video Card: DirectX 9.0c compatible 3D accelerated video card with 128MB RAM HD: 300MB free space or better OS: Windows XP, Vista Input: keyboard, Xbox360 Controller for Windows (required only for 3 or 4 players)

    Game Description:
    Oddballs is the game project from the Diploma of Interactive Gaming developed in just eight weeks. Oddballs is a multi-player game in which four racers compete by racing inside balls across a series of dangerous courses occupied by obstacles in the hopes that they will win races and obtain the fastest time for each track. Up to four players can take control of a ball each, while the remaining balls are controlled by artificial intelligence. The game has a console feel through the use of Xbox360 controllers. "Roll as fast as you can... but not off the edge!"

    Student Team:
    Goran Kolonic
    Project Manager

    Sean Flannigan
    Lead Designer

    Devon Braithwaite
    Lead Programmer

    Daniel Brown
    Build Master

    Ilia Konytchev
    Asset Manager

    Andrew Bennett

    Danny Dryden

    Mark Hankins

    Timothy McGregor
    Steffan Hooper

    Brendan Burns
    Associate Producer