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  • Corporate Property

  • Corporate Property
    Corporate Property


    Date updated: 2012-02-24 Category: Action/Adventure

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    Game Description:
    The GAMES ACADEMY student-project "Corporate Property" is a 3D first-person Jump'n'Run game that drives the player through a huge futuristic complex. The hostile security system tries to stop you by all means. Flee to survive! Corporate Property won third Place in the column Newcomer Award at "Deutscher Entwicklerpreis" 2010.

    Student Team:
    Robin Hartmann – Producer Tammo Süß – Producer Timm Boukoura – Designer Tino Englert – Designer Yves Baumgarte – 3D-Artist Nils Diefenbach – Animator Lukas Fußhöller – Concepter Dennis Koch – Programmer Susan Müller – 2D-Artist Daniel Pharos – Sounddesigner
    Patrick Lehrmann – Project Manager