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  • Tag: The Power of Paint

  • This game has been downloaded 121 times
    This game has been downloaded 121 times

    School: DigiPen Institute of Technology

    Date updated: 2009-05-05 Category: Action/Adventure

    Rank this game: Current 1 Votes, Average rank is 4.0 Requirements: Minimum System Requirements Windows XP Pixel Shader 2.0a Compatible Video Card 128 MB Video RAM 512 MB System RAM 1.5 GHz CPU 200 MB Hard Disk Space

    Game Description:
    Developed by students at DigiPen Institute of Technology, Tag: The Power of Paint is a free, first-person puzzle platformer which focuses on the players’ ability to modify their environment as they see fit, simply by painting it. Enjoy a unique and emergent gameplay experience, as you traverse each highly stylized level, using your endless supply of paint and all the power that comes with it to make your way to the goal.

    Student Team:
    Brett English Tejeev Kohli Pongthep “Bank” Charnchaichujit Ted Rivera Josh Jones Tyler Woods Tatsuang “Tan” Tantakosol