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  • Clark and Dagger

  • Clark and Dagger
    Clark and Dagger

    School: Cogswell College

    Date updated: 2012-05-04 Category: Strategy

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    Game Description:
    Clark & Dagger is a cooperative stealth game where each player has unique abilities that help them get through a dungeon. One player is the Spy, Dagger, who can take out guards and use the environment to her advantage. The other player is the Hacker, Clark, who can break into security systems and change the environment. Only by working together can they reach the server, collect the data, and escape out alive. The game was developed by 10 students in the Game Development Club at Cogswell Polytechnical College in Sunnyvale, California.

    Student Team:
    Brody Brooks Forrest Spade Aaron Weingarten Amelia Davis Gaz DeWolfe Cassandra Matteis Jessica Bower Kaleb Grace Cameron McLaughlin Miles Philippe