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  • Deity

  • Deity

    School: DigiPen Institute of Technology

    Date updated: 2012-05-17 Category: Action/Adventure

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    Game Description:
    Deity is an isometric, stealth-action-dungeon crawler. You play as the shadow god, Archbane, in search of an ancient relic, guarded by the Lights of Old. Archbane must overcome traps, obstacles and guards in order to acquire the relic to regain the power of everlasting darkness.

    Student Team:
    Caroline Sugianto - Producer, Graphics/Art Pipeline Programmer Ryan Chew - Technical Director, Tools/Architecture Programmer Christopher Mingus - Gameplay and Scripting Programmer Michael Travaglione - AI Programmer, Sounds Ryan Hickman - Game Designer, Artist
    Chris Peters, Rachel Rutherford, and Ben Ellinger