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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: E-Book Games

    - staff
  •  Over the last few years, mobile gaming has undergone a bit of a renaissance. Smartphones and tablets have introduced new gameplay styles and business models, and even turned on new audiences to the appeal of gaming in general.

    It seems that we're nearly every mobile device as a game platform at this point, but it seems some platforms are better suited to the task than others.

    But we want to make sure every platform gets a fair shot, right? Think about e-book readers like the Kindle or Nook. These devices are extremely common nowadays, but very rarely are they used for games.

    If you were to develop a game for an e-book device, what would you do? How would you work around (or take advantage of) the hardware limitations, such as the limited processing capabilities or the screen's slow refresh rate?

    In its latest Game Design Challenge, Game Career Guide asked its readers to design a game that would work on an existing e-book reader.

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks.

    Best Entries

    Nikki Dibya Wardhana, Game Designer at Agate Studio, Distant Words (see page 2)

    Yong Lik Ken, Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, Tetris Typo (see page 3)

    Ho Jie Hui, Graduate from National University of Singapore, School of Computing, Reporter Jones (see page 4)

    Luke Herbert, Compliance Analyst at Electronic Arts, This Is Your Story... (see page 5)

    Adri Ahmad Bin Adlan, Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, Insert Title Here (see page 6)


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