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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Speak Up!

    - staff
  •  With the games industry evolving so rapidly, new technologies are always opening new possibilities for game design and production. Motion control, touch screens, and other key innovations have cemented themselves as key pillars of the industry, while other technologies, like voice control, have yet to make a strong impression.

    Sure, every so often we'll see games built around voice commands, such as Nintendo's Hey You, Pikachu! and Ubisoft's Endwar, but these titles are rare anomalies compared to the rest of the industry.

    But with technology rapidly advancing, and things like Microsoft's Kinect integrating voice commands into its interface, isn't it time to give the technology another chance? What would you do if you were to create a game built around voice control?

    For its latest Game Design Challenge, Game Career Guide challenged its readers to design a game whose main mechanic relies on voice recognition in some way.

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks.

    Best Entries

    Joshua Kruszynski, Graduate of Kent State University, Pitch+Pan (see page 2)

    Michael Stephens, Ohio University Digital Media, The White Bird (see page 3)

    Lim Kean Jin, Asia Pacific University College of Technology and Innovation, Running Panic (see page 4)

    Aaron Yip, Student at Georgia Institution of Technology, Storyteller (see page 5)

    Hendrys Fabián Tobar Muñoz, Game Design/Development Trainer at SENA in Popayán, Cauca, Colombia, ¡Hop! (see page 6)

    Zak Ahchay, Games Designer, Sharp Tongue (see page 7)


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