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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Bringing It Back

    - staff
  •  Last month, Electronic Arts released a new title in its popular SSX franchise, a series that hadn't seen a new entry since 2007. Other games, like the recently-released Syndicate, are bringing back classic titles with entirely new genres. Following in that spirit, GCG now asks you to consider how you would bring back a series that hasn't been active for at least five years.

    Hardware, online services, and even game design have changed significantly during that time. The current consoles are reaching their maturity, and new platforms like social networks and mobile devices have exploded with popularity.

    With that in mind, Game Career Guide challenged its readers to pick a game or series that has been dormant for at least five years, and bring it back for today's audience.

    What follows are the best and most original entries we received. Here are our top picks.

    Best Entries

    Michael T. Lin, USC Interactive Media Division, 1st-year MFA Student, Where in the World Has Carmen Sandiego Been? (see page 2)

    Tameem Amini, Star Control 4 (see page 3)

    Ruston Pessoa Coutinho, Game Developer, Homeworld (see page 4)

    Brendan Gilbert, Student at Columbia College Chicago, Rogue Squadron: Renegade Starfighter (see page 5)

    Gregory Guertin, Battletoads (see page 6)


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