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  • Game Design Challenge: Reviving Resident Evil

    - staff
  •'s Game Design Challenge is an exercise in becoming a game developer, asking you to look at games in a new way -- from the perspective of a game creator, producer, marketer, businessperson, and so forth.

    Every other Wednesday we'll present you with a challenge about developing video games. You'll have two weeks to brainstorm a brilliant solution (see below for how to submit your answers). After the two week submission period elapses, the best answers and the names of those who submitted them will be posted.

    The Challenge

    Design the next entry in the Resident Evil franchise.

    Assignment Details

    There's no doubt that the Resident Evil 6 has ambition, but unfortunately this latest sequel isn't sitting right with much of its dedicated fan base. The game's sprawling, action packed campaign has been decried as "schizophrenic," "generic," and "bloated." The game tried to do many things at once, but unfortunately didn't do any of them particularly well.

    But of course, the Resident Evil series hasn't always been this way. By and large, its numbered entries have always proven to be interesting, well-received horror and action titles. It seems the series may have lost its way with its most recent release, but what would it take to get Resident Evil back on track?


    That's the question we're posing for this latest Game Design Challenge. If you were in charge of the next entry in the Resident Evil franchise, what kind of game would you create? How would you create a title that lives up to the series' 16 year history but still brings the franchise into the modern era?

    Feel free to take as much creative liberty as you like. Your Resident Evil game doesn't have to mimic the gameplay we've seen in the series so far -- you can even switch to a new genre altogether! As long as your game in some way harkens back to Resident Evil, anything's fair game.

    Good luck, and we can't wait to see how you all would approach this classic survival horror franchise!

    To Submit

    Work on your ideas, figure out your strategy for coming up with a solution, and ask questions on the forum. When your submission is complete, send it to with the subject line "Design Challenge: Reviving Resident Evil." Please type your answer directly in the email body.

    Submissions should be no more than 500 words and may contain up to three images. Be sure to include your full name and school affiliation or job title.

    Entries must be submitted by Wednesday, October 31

    Results will be posted Tuesday, November 6

    Disclaimer: is not responsible for similarities between the content submitted to the Game Design Challenge and any existing or future products or intellectual property.


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