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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Reviving Resident Evil

    - staff

  • Cliff Kamarga, Game Designer at Gameloft Auckland Studio

    1 Player

    This game is a top-down, survival, horror, puzzle game which uses certain mechanics and gameplay from the first 3 Resident Evil games such as locked camera views, section by section exploration and rather straightforward puzzles.

    The game is set just before Resident Evil 2. It centers around Sherry Birkin and her time surviving in Racoon City before her encounter with the game's main protagonists.

    The game's environment will be very dark with anything in the darkness being almost completely black. Light and visibility plays an important role in surviving through the city. Naturally, without tools, the player will have a short line of sight. But they can increase their line of sight by equipping a flashlight or other types of light sources (such as glow sticks, flares or even a cigarette lighter). There are also other types of light sources that can come from the environment such as lamps and street signs. However, light sources that the player can equip will have a life on them and when that life runs out, the light source goes dead (for example, flashlights rely on their battery life to stay on). When this happens, players must either find "fuel" (such as batteries for the flashlight) or a new light source.

    There are a variety of enemies in the game which are taken from the Resident Evil series such as lickers, undead dogs, Nemesis and of course zombies. The presence and absence of light is used to avoid enemies, distract them or even manipulate them. One example is if a route is blocked by zombies, the player can throw a flare to one direction, causing the zombies to move towards the flare, clearing up the route for the player.

    Players travel through the city scavenging for items and food, overcoming obstacles and puzzles and more importantly, avoiding the undead. Food is consumed for energy. If the player's energy runs low, their movement speed decreases. Obstacles and puzzles are overcome by interacting with them via pushing, pulling, climbing and so forth or acquiring certain items such as card keys.

    Players move through the city section by section, similar to The Legend of Zelda on the NES except the transition is near instant rather than a camera pan. Players explore the ruined city while avoiding enemies. Players can explore both outdoor and indoor areas such as cities and parks to buildings and sheds.

    Unexplored areas are completely black while areas near light sources are revealed. After an area has been explored, it becomes dark again, but not completely black. Similar to fog of wars, the player can see rough silhouettes in recently explored areas.


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