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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Reviving Resident Evil

    - staff

  • Nirosan Silvaratnam, Student of Multimedia University, Currently Pursuing Bachelor in Software Engineering

    The common ideology would be that with the next entry in the long-running franchise, it has to be even grander in scale. Misdirection in Resident Evil 6's part and it faces harsh criticism from fans and critics alike. Given the position to helm the next Resident Evil game, I would bring the Resident Evil series back to its roots at the same time maintaining the integrity of the game moving forward in the timeline of the series. Without leaning towards action packed set pieces or explosive cut scenes, I would reinvent the series for what it was cherished and respected for, a survival horror. In terms of scalability, the game will focus on two of any of Resident Evil's key characters and pitting them against the Umbrella Corporation, while other characters play the roles of cameos in flashbacks or cut scene sequences. This way it is much more personal and it allows the possibility to further develop the character and not just stereotype them.

    The core gameplay elements contribute into setting the right dose of tension and injects fear into the players as to every hasty decision made, a dreadful end awaits them. The players will be able to switch between the aforementioned characters at intervals predetermined by the game. Thus, placing the players in multiple settings and environment packed with its own challenges. The key would be to confine the players to a specific area with danger lurking in every corner. The players still have the ability to free-roam in a controlled space. The levels the players clear should not feel like set-pieces instead the players should be engulfed in their surroundings, focusing on every nook and cranny for hidden treasures or monsters waiting to ambush them.

    A breath of fresh air in the puzzle solving department would be wise by incorporating the puzzle with the on-going story or opening a path to a side-story. This way it's not just another brain teasing hurdle to pass before reaching the next waypoint but it also rewards the player with hidden knowledge pertaining the storyline. Quick time event sequence has undergone severe criticism, though putting a smart spin on it without excessively depending on it would be interesting. The patience of players will be put to test, where it demands split second reactions, and each reaction effects and evolves the storyline carving multiple paths leading to a single ending.

    As a final touch, a new gameplay mechanic will be introduced, a combination of multiple elements from Resident Evil's previous entries. The player will be able to collect various items ranging from weapon parts, healing items and collectible junk which later after accessing an NPC will allow them to concoct self-made recipes and weaponries used for both offensive and defensive purposes. The concocted item can be upgraded and downgraded at ease. This will eliminate the levelling up system and welcome creativity. Certain items will allow players to unlock hidden puzzles and rewards thus promoting replay value.


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