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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Crossing Over

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  • Guilherme Schirmer da Costa, Student at Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio Grande do Sul, Kamen Rider x Yakuza (Ryu ga Gotoku)

    Summary - The game consists of chapters divided into two phases. A phase the player controls characters from the Yakuza series and another of Kamen Rider. The two stages are played differently, with phase Yakuza with a focus more exploratory phase and Kamen Rider focused on the action.

    History - A mysterious organization kidnaps Tojo clan members with unclear motives. The fact that the disappearances are members of the Yakuza makes the police have little interest in investigating, however Detective Date notice a strange pattern in the disappearance and contacts an old friend. Kazuma Kiryu returns to Kamurocho district to investigate the facts and is attacked by an unknown creature, but is saved by Kamen Rider Black. The two form an agreement to discover what hides behind the kidnappings and creatures.

    Gameplay - Each chapter of the game consists of two phases, one involving the Yakuza and other characters of Kamen Rider, and this transition is controlled by the player who can change the phase so that the main story of the chapter has been completed. During Yakuza phase, the player must investigate areas seeking information leading to the suspects of the kidnapping. Some information is obtained through conversation and solving missions. These missions can be solved in different ways, depending on which character the player uses (e.g. Kyriu can use conversation to solve a mission, while Saejima can use brute force and Akiyama can use money to buy the information). In other cases, the player is forced to confront enemies to fight using a system like Yakuza series, allowing the use of combos, weapons, and elements of the scenario. For each fight won, players receive items, money and sometimes serve to complete a mission. The player's performace during Yakuza directly influences the Kamen Rider phase, and for best results, the player need to collect as much information as possible before making the transition to Kamen Rider phase. This transition is made through a phone call, in which the character of Yakuza passes for Kamen Rider the information on the location of the next scenario and additional information about what he must accomplish (save hostages, defusing bombs, etc. ) The mechanics of Kamen Rider phase is focused on action, where the player faces a series of enemies culminating in a showdown with the boss of the chapter. The mechanics are similar to the Dynasty Warriors series, allowing the player to use combos and special abilities of each specific character Kamen Rider available. Once this phase is complete, the chapter is closed. Depending on the performance in this phase, the player will unlock new characters of the kamen rider series to be used in the following scenarios.


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