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  • Project Blue Falcon: A Flux Gaming Controller Design

    - Dewayne Cameron, Scott Glendinnning and Steven C. Lindsey

  • Game Summary

    World of Warcraft

    Users will be able to interact with the game's UI action bar system with the Blue Falcon's OLED S.A.B. The ability of these buttons to display an icon from the game will support user recognition and the controller's design for flexibility of use.

    The Analog Joysticks on the controller will reduce the need for a mouse peripheral. This is very beneficial, as it will allow the user to perform certain actions easier (i.e. kiting enemies). For users who already make use of console controllers for WoW, the Blue Falcon will still be superior, due to the Rear Action Buttons; in all, the controller's buttons can support 20 UI macro actions instead of 12. The controller gives users access to nearly twice as many actions, and supports the large action rotations of characters like Warlocks, Shamans, Mages and Hunters.

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

    The Blue Falcon being compatible with Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC makes it the perfect choice for a game like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Having a controller that allows users to have actions mapped to the keyboard as well as the controller will give them faster reaction times. This will provide a more fluid transition in the user's gameplay.

    The addition of the two rear action buttons will allow users to map actions that usually require them to move their thumbs from the left and right joysticks. This is an ideal controller for a game in which timing and player reaction is critical. The user needs to have a high performance interface that allows them to take full advantage of every action the game offers without sacrificing loss of control.

    DiRT 3

    Blue Falcon's integration of motion control will add a sense of realism to racing games that will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers. Adapting real-world motions with this technology will allow for actual steering motions to be used during gameplay. Just a simple tilt or turn of the controller will ensure that the match between system and real world experience is achieved for the user.

    In addition, the Rear Action Buttons will increase reaction time in a way that current controllers cannot; the Blue Falcon facilitates moment-to-moment gameplay and split-second decision-making.

    Flux Gaming wants to give users a better tactile feel with the Blue Falcon's design. Free Motion Control, along with the tangible feel of the controller's grips, will add immersion to many simulation-oriented gaming genres. The controller's intuitive button-mapping enriches the user's overall gameplay experience by giving a sense of control over a real vehicle.


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