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  • College Dev Status Report

    - Tony Yotes
  • [College freshman Tony Yotes discusses how his first published apps are performing, giving students an idea of what to expect from the current App Store climate.]

    Time for another status report and almost nothing got done. School has reached a climax in terms of workload and there is no way DragCore is coming out by Christmas. In fact, I'm thinking mid-January at the earliest. Maybe then I'll get people looking to play new free games on their shiny new smartphones and tablets.

    I'm going to start posting revenue and download data on these status Reports from now on too, straight from App Annie. It should help show you what to expect if you go about selling games the way I do. I can tell you now that I'm making nothing, but one day that'll change and you'll be able to see the revenue spike along with me. Take a look at a weeks worth of work.


    • All Art Assets
    • Attempted Samsung Registration
    • Researched 100% Indie Samsung Partnership
    • Patched Games for Samsung Compatibility
    • Changed Comment System
    • Altered Text on Web Pages
    • Changed Facebook Profile Picture
    • Created Facebook Albums
    • Suffered Through Four Group Projects and Six Assignments

    I got an email from Samsung asking for me to put TriGrid on the Samsung Seller Office. They have a campaign going on where they help promote indie games and I want to be a part of it. I'd look deep into it and have more to say, but I'm swamped in schoolwork and haven't had time to register accounts get my apps on Samsung. Everything will go a lot smoother when finals week is over.


    Fish Feaster Free nearly reached 700 downloads since May which isn't much but is the biggest thing I have because it's been out the longest. Those big spikes you see come from new game launches where I got friends and family to download and rate my games. My iOS games are seeing a lot bigger numbers due to my greater popularity there. Fish Feaster Free has the biggest install base and TriGrid was featured once.

    It's good to see even just a couple extra downloads each day because to me, that means somebody, somewhere thought to give m game a try. Hopefully, they had fun with it. The only way to tell is to get reviews, but people seem to not want to bother with that. That's why I'm looking into review prompts to pop up at set times in my future games.


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