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  • Reality Ends Here: Season 3 Postmortem

    - Kevin Wong
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    105 days, 191 players, 251 projects, 648 cards, over 300,000 points.

    After nearly a year of work, the third season of the Reality Ends Here game has finally come to a close. I joined the project as a narrative/puzzle designer back in January by taking the ARG practicum class, and the game has come a long way since its cloudy inception. Past iterations of the game have been incredibly successful, having won the 2012 Indiecade Impact Award and being cited by Extra Credits in their episode about games in education. The game helped me take my first steps forward into the most creative and prolific period of my life when I played it, this year's iteration is a bit different, the air of mystery surrounding the game isn't quite as pronounced due to a multitude of reasons, inhibiting the desired feeling of anarchic excitement critical to the game's success.

    A typical Reality Ends Here justification

    Nonetheless, I'm incredibly proud of our work with this game. Reality Ends Here - Season 3 has served its purpose, connecting its players into a diverse network of friends, mentors, and rivals, changing how they go about their everyday lives at USC, bringing any given idea into oft-amazing fruition. Reality Ends Here was my favorite game of 2012, and I am incredibly grateful to have been granted the blessing of working on its next season. I hope that I have been able to create an awesome first-semester experience for this year's Freshmen, and hope to seem them step forward into fruitful, prolific careers of courageous integrity.


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