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  • How to Write a Game Concept

    - Matt Powers

  • Wrap-Up

    There is our concept to start. I am pretty happy with this concept but I would like your input. I have questions for you:

    • Does this write-up convey an image to you? A style of game?
    • Is there enough information in the concept for the development and publishing team to understand the goals of the game?
    • Enough for sales/marketing to evaluate and make predictions?
    • Enough for design team to detail out the design?
    • Enough for the technical team to identify the risk areas?
    • Is the monetezation included?
    • What about the social aspects of the game?
    • Do these need to be included in the concept or perhaps just mentioned they will be available and can be detailed out later.

    Before we even discuss if this is a good idea, we should determine if the idea has been conveyed well - if the concept document itself is complete.

    And then:

    • Does it sound fun?
    • Worth moving forward to prototype?

    I purposely left off any description of style or look to the concept. I have some questions regarding that.

    • Does the concept need artwork to make it more understandable?
    • Is the artwork necessary at this stage of development?
    • Can we establish the gameplay mechanics without artwork and skin the game later?

    I would love to get your input. Design by committee doesn't usually work but design input is always useful.


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