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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Pool Party!

    - Danny Cowan

  • Lorène Hue, Student at Artfx School, Montpellier, Why I Hate Kids In Swimming Pools


    Why I hate kids in swimming pools is scoring game, with a 3th person view set in a 3D Cartoon universe, in a camping ground's public swimming pool.


    You play a kid in a public pool. You must going home in 3 minutes, and you want enjoy alone to the pool. You use actions, skills and weapons to make leaves people. But be careful! The Supervisor pool and your Mom doesn't has to see you make disturbing actions against other people. 


    1. Character: The character interacts with level elements like :

    • A diving board,
    • Drinks,

    Actions:Character make actions to disturb NPC.

    • Scream 
    • Run
    • Splash
    • Swim
    • Dive
    • Hit with Swimming Noodles and Swim Float
    • Piss (if character drink before)
    • Use weapons.
    • Say something inappropriate.
    Skills:Upgrades actions. (Intensity, reach)

    2. Weapons: Character is allow to use special weapon on NPC to accomplish the goal.

    • Water Gun
    • Swimming Noodles
    • Swim Float

    Weapons are customizable (colours, pattern, skins). And Water gun are upgradeable (water reserve, reach, precision).

    3. NPC:

    • Basically NPC:Each basically NPC possess 4 conditions(happy, medium, angry, very angry).Condition change when the character disturb him. When the NPC is very angry, he quit the pool. Each of them hate a particular action, and change to -2 condition when character use on him.
    • Mom:The mother of the character is present around the pool and move. If the character make a disturbing action in the line of sight of his mom, the Mom's Theat increase to 1. When the character receives3 threats, the game end. (Game Over)
    • Pool Supervisor:He possess a line of sight. When the character make a disturbing action in this area, the numberof Mom's Theat increase to 1.

    4. Objectives: Each level give a list of different objectives to the player. When the player achieves more than half of objectives, he gain the access to the next level.

    5. Levels: Each level is different (Decors, NPC, Objectives). Player is allow to buy the access to another level with coins.

    6. Timer: Timer give 3 minutes to the player to make NPC leave the pool. After this time, the character quit the pool with his Mom.

    7. Score: Each time the character to make a NPC leave the pool, and do a disturbing action, the score increase.

    8. Coins: At the end of the game, the player gain coins in function of his actions. Coins are spend to buy weapons, ameliorations, skills and skins.


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