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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Attitude Adjustment

    - Danny Cowan

  • Stevannus Lake, Game Development Student at KDU University College, The Theft!

    The Theft! is a 5v5 team-based multiplayer action game that will be released for Windows . Each team consists of five players that are fighting each other for treasures . The game will end when one team success to collect a certain amount of treasures in their container.

    Story :

    In 3050 where all the futuristic things are existed , there are two team of thieves that are trying to steal treasures from a secret time traveller container at a hidden secret place  . At first , both teams do not realize that there are another team that are also trying to steal the treasures . After a while , they finally realize that there is another team to fight in order to complete their mission .

    Features :

    Features 4 type of emotions that have advantages and disadvantages for players to choose  :

    • Joy

      • Normal movement speed ; Melee or Ranged weapon with normal damage ; Ability to heal himself or surrounding .

    • Sadness

      • Move very slow ; Ranged weapon with high damage ; Ability to spread a bunch of deadly arrows in front of him .

    • Anger

      • Move very fast ; Melee weapon with high damage ; Ability to explode himself at certain radius .

    • Fear

      • Move fast ; Melee weapon with low damage ; Ability to become invisible at certain time .

    With these emotions chosen, players will be able to fight with weapons and use their abilities that can help them win the game .

    Core Game Loop :

    Rules :

    Player can choose their favourite emotion type at the beginning of the match and will not be able to change until the game ends or start a new game . There will be a number of places where treasures are hidden on the map. So the players must collect treasure as a team and win the match. The player that died will respawn in the random respawn spot in the map ( different from the first time they spawn or respawn) . When players are carrying the treasure , they will not be able to do anything rather than just moving unless they drop the treasure on the floor.

    The players in a team are able to choose to leave all the treasures they have collected by himself or wait for their friends to come and escape together. If the player choose to run away with all the treasures they have collected by himself , he will get all the big winning prizes for himself and the rest of his team will be considered losing the game. But, if they run away as a team then the winning prize will be shared between them or the winners.


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