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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Attitude Adjustment

    - Danny Cowan

  • Owen Jones, Writer & Blogger, Emote Fighters

    Emotions are both beautiful and ugly thing to experience. Just being able to laugh, cry, and feel love is something that we all should do. But when negative feelings appear it can truly cause a major disaster for you and others around you. So in order to stop them from wreaking havoc on the outside world, you have to take care of the problem from within.

    Emote Fighters is an RPG game that focuses on battling the evil mental organization known as the Disorda. You play as the human who is next to feel Disorda's wrath. As you travel farther into Emotia, the dream world that your brain created, you run into beings all based on human emotions. With the physical generated body sensitive to Disorda's army you need the help of the widespread of emotions that you know from heart. It is time to introduce the guardians of your emotional state.

    Each guardian is not only a protector that makes sure you function safely but embodiments of your actual emotions. Join forces with the classic trio team Happy, Sadness, and Anger to start off as your Emote Fighters. In a turn-based fighting mechanic, you fight off the remnants of Disorda's army to be able to take down the head honcho yourself. Along the way, meet up with other emotions to build your fighting roster to overthrow the enemy before they put you in a neverending stasis of negativity. Have them fight alongside you as partners or form a bond with the emotion as they transform into their attack weapon.

    Yes, your emotions are also your battle items to fend off evil. Anger turns into a pair of gauntlets that fuel the burning desire to punch Depression square in the face. Happy acts like a giant blaster that shoots waves of smile energy to cheer up even the saddest enemy. Sadness possesses a powerful sword that can slice through the joyful feeling of prideful enemies kicking your butt. There are so many emotions to Not only are the weapons alone are powerful but imagine what combing certain emotions together gives you.

    Along the way, there will be special action moments where you need a certain emotion in order to complete the task and explore more of Emotia. For example, let anger bust heavy objects that are blocking the path or hiding a secret treasure within the walls. Let Sadness sibling Sorrow fill an empty river with its tears in order to let the water mill produce energy.  Not every emotion will look exactly like you as they are a separate being themselves.

    Choose how your emotions look like by selecting their gender of either being male, female, androgynous or their beast form. Customize your characters with special outfits that can increase their stats and give them a better percentage to inflict emotional status effects. Signs of emotional status would be like nausea (poison), confusion, and afraid (paralysis). Are you the master of your own emotions? 


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