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  • Results From Game Design Challenge: Attitude Adjustment

    - Danny Cowan

  • Emila Skwarek, Unaffiliated, Fast Learner

    You just got to a totally new environment, you have your backpack full of sources (for now) and believe that you are a fast learner!

    a. mood sources:

    • 4 types of mood sources (emotional, social, mental, physical)

    • source need to be charged

    • source has more than one booster

    • sources are needed to complete the challenges

    b.Mood boosters

    • are hidden in the environment (natural beauty, relationships, environmental)

    • 1 booster can charged more than 1 type of source

    • you need to pay points for the boosters

    c. Mood enemies

    • are source suckers

    • 1 enemy can suck from a few source

    • enemies are hidden in the environment (natural obstacles, interactions, environmental)

    d. challenges

    • to complete the challenge you need to have a right mix of the mood sources

    • every challenge has the information about the type of sources needed to complete it

    • the is no information about the right amount of source in the mix needed to complete it

    • to get the highest amount of points you have to have the right amount of the sources

    • you can still complete the challenge with source shortage, but you will get less points


    You are in a totally new environment - yesterday you were a student and today you are starting an internship in a big company in crowded city! For 2 weeks you are going to face not only a new tasks at the internship, but also live at much bigger city. Soon you will find out that you have just the specific amount of mood sources every day and you need to get smart on using them.

    Remember - you are not alone, you can always count on your mood source, but you will have to find them. For example - you will find your emotional and physical mood booster visiting cafe, talking in the queue. Everyday challenges - based on your hunch and experience  you need estimate, if you have the right amount of source in your backpack to complete the challenge Be careful and watch out for the mood source suckers, they might be everywhere! If your physical mood source would be bad you would probably did not talk in the queue and lost the chance to charge the emotional source of mood. Just look around, act and make conclusions - everything matters!


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