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  • Master's Thesis: CGI Animation - Pseudorealism, Perception and Possible Worlds

    - David Surman
  • "Computer animation and CGI effects have moved toward ever greater realism, to the extent that contemporary audiences are unable to distinguish between animated effects and cine-photography, in both video games and films. With the hegemony of photographic 'truth' undermined in this regard, we are able to see the ways in which audiences interact with contemporary film such as the pseudoreal animation 'Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within'.

    Deriving authenticity not only from the ontology of the image but also from the creation of a plausible 'world', this thesis posits a complex account of the ways in which animation and games solicit our engagement and create a legitimate 'space' comparable to live-action film."

    This academic thesis, by David Surman, co-founder and lecturer of Computer Games Design at the University of Wales, Newport, will be of special interest to artists, designers and analysts wanting to consider how increasing realism in digital game graphics has affected the videogame industry.

    "CGI Animation - Pseudorealism, Perception and Possible Worlds" by David Surman, Master's Thesis, 59 Pages, Acrobat PDF


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