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  • Game Industry for Entry Level Artists: The Portfolio

    - Samuel Crowe
  • featureAfter reading Applying for Your First Game Industry Job, you can now research information more specific to landing a job as an entry level artist.


    The Job

    First and foremost, read the requirements that are posted on the company’s website. The company will tell you exactly what it wants to see and how much of it you should show.

    If a job isn’t job posted, chances are there is no opening. Some companies are notorious for not updating their websites and what is listed as an open position may have been filed months ago. If you are unsure, you can email—don’t call—the listed email that is provided on the website and ask if they have current openings that are not listed on their site.

    Be sure to check out places like and view the job board. There are detailed descriptions of what is required and what they want to see.


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