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  • Student Postmortem: Carnegie Mellon's Northrop Grumman Recruitment Game

    - James Portnow
  •  With game schools cropping up all over the world and more traditional industries looking towards video games as a new and powerful tool for training, marketing or even alternate of revenue sources I thought it might be an appropriate time to discuss a project we did for Northrop Grumman.

    Northrop Grumman approached Carnegie Mellon with a dilemma: they couldn't hire enough qualified engineers because most college grads wanted to work for Microsoft, Google, or Activision. They needed something to make them ‘cooler'. Clearly, our answer was a game.

    After talking with them for some time we found out that they did most of their recruiting at college recruiting fairs, so we made a five minute experience to draw people to their booth. Early on we decided that our job was just to attract people, the recruiter would sell the job so long as there were people to sell it to.

    This presented a group of interesting challenges, from how to design an almost instructionless experience to making the game portable enough for the recruiters to take with them to recruiting fairs but far and away the most interesting challenge was working with a big corporate client that new it wanted a game but didn't really know what a game was.

    Without further ado: the trials, tribulations and triumphs of working with Northrop Grumman.



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