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  • Becoming a Game Concept Artist

    - Brenda Brathwaite

  • The concept art shown in this article comes from Matt Kohr's Applied Game Design project, Cowboy Cave (working title), except the black and white image, which is also by Kohr but for another project.

    SCAD graduate student and project lead David McDonough describes how Cowboy Cave came to be:

    "Our project, Cowboy Cave, stemmed from a single visual theme: a cowboy exploring a cave. We started with a number of design principles, or ‘kernels' as we call them: simplicity, speed, interfaces without words, numbers, or menus, and a single innovative core mechanic that drives all other systems.

    "Still only half complete, the game has taken shape as a fast-paced, third-person tactical shooter-platformer focused on a grizzled, tough-as-nails old cowboy exploring this massive cave system with the aid of a ramshackle robotic sidekick of his own invention. Our crafting system, designed around a number of simple, linked mini-games, allows the player to re-invent and re-configure their sidekick's abilities on the fly; to create individually-tailored versions of the sidekick in response the game's challenges or to complement the player's own playing style." 

    The Cowboy Cave team is David McDonough, designers Laura Beukema and Johnny Costello, and artists Ashley Waldbaum and Drew Harrison. Matt Kohr is the primary concept artist.


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