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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Romance

    - staff

  • Nacho Pintos, Student at UOC's Post-Degree Program (Spain), 9 Rooms

    An isometric game about conversations, stealth, blackmail, and money/love management.

    Having inherited a 10-room villa, accumulate enough money in one year to pay the debts left by its former owner, to avoid the property being seized.

    Without money, job, or diploma, your decide to rent rooms. The house is fabulous; many people reply to your ad. At the beginning, you browse through dozens of cover letters to choose 9 individuals. Each one describes personality, stay length, job, sexual preferences...

    But you must find 'alternate' ways to earn cash quickly: with your last dollars, you buy a couple spy cams. Your aim is to get as much details about each tenant as possible, guess a suitable match, play cupid in secret so they start flirting, put the camera in the right place of the room (before they arrive), and tape the sex scene, which will be sold to a porn webmaster.

    Time and money Each Monday you receive money from your tenants, which you can spend in a wide range of presents (if mentioned in conversations), video tapes, or more cameras. When a tenant leaves, you can pay for another newspaper ad.

    Get information The game progresses through day-night periods. Each tenant follows a routine: i.e. at 6am the lawyer gets up and the freshman returns from a party. Time can be accelerated and slowed down at will. You can talk to them while they are in, choosing from a list of predefined topics. Conversations are logged to your diary. Relevant data (items, sentences) is highlighted. If someone seems impossible to match, you can ask him to leave. If someone had a crush on him, she will also leave the house.

    Play cupid Leave gifts in from of the door of one, with a note signed as the other. Example: pretend the young lawyer left a classic French novel in front of the romantic girl's room.

    Or push false handwritten notes under the door, with an appropriate sentence from a predefined list. Only one sentence will work, and it will only be present if you talked enough with them.

    You could also 'orchestrate' threesomes and even orgies.

    Hide the camera When you feel sex action is imminent, you have to hide the camera in your victim's room, while he/she is away. Put it in the correct place of the room (pointing at the shower, or the desk, or the carpet...), based on previous conversations.

    Get caught while hiding the camera Depending on their personality they will: - Silently Leave the house - Blackmail you: stay for free and remain quiet - Sue you

    Make money Sell the video to an amateur porn website. The more exotic the couple, the more they'll pay. Each subsequent scene of the same couple will bring less money.
    Blackmail them.

    Game Over when: - Get caught three times. - Get sued without money for a good lawyer - Not enough money after one year - A tenant falls in love with you


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