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  • Results from Game Design Challenge: Romance

    - staff

  • Jean-François Michaud, Senior QA tester, EA Montreal, The Player

    The Player is a 3rd person free roaming, business oriented game where the protagonist goes from zero to greatest seducer in the city. It is based on the fantasy of entering a bar and seducing every woman. It is meant for a 18 to 34 male demographic.

    Story: You are a student of The Player, a seduction teacher. Your progress is fast, however, and a jealous Player kicks you out of the city to a suburban town. Your goal is to take over his business.

    The game starts with a flashbacks and your first class. The Player sets you up to talk to some girls. This serves as a tutorial to the game where you learn the mechanics of the game. You then wake up in the suburban town where you have a tutorial about business.

    The world is divided in five areas that are each ruled by a seducer and his business. The game starts in low end suburban bars and make your way to own every section of the city, to go on and take over The Player, who rules over the high class bars of the city.

    You give classes every night. You start in small bars with a student or two. There is a small number of target women to seduce. As you grow your business and earn more money, you get more students and you can go to better clubs, where there are more target girls. You earn money by multiplying your seduction score and the number of students you have that night.

    Day time is when you build your business by advertising, getting more student, going on dates and preparing you next evening by scoping for your next class location or going shopping.

    The game revolves around three elements: seduction, style and reputation.

    Seduction: The seduction itself is based on active listening. As a seduction goes, the girl will drop hints about what she likes and dislikes. Talk about what she likes, you score points. You can also move the conversation to other areas of the bar. If she dances, you can bring her to the dance floor. Be successful at trying to kiss her, you get more points. The seduction ends when you get her phone number.

    Style: The better your style, the easier it is to seduce. Show up in a limousine and have great clothes, girls will be more open to you and give you more chances when you make errors. You can lose when you get turned away from girls, when you get slapped, or if you meet a previously seduced girl that you ignored by not bringing on a date. No style means you can't seduce, hence your class is over.

    Reputation: This helps you get more student to your classes, and eventually take over every part of the city. You increase it by buying advertisement and by having successful classes. You decrease it by failing at the classes or lack of advertising.


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