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SoApBoX 01-27-2008 07:39 PM

Can boredom affect other games?
About a week ago or something, I posted a topic similar to this but it had got deleted somehow by accident. This is a repost of it with some improved info:

Two years ago, I had bought Star Wars Rouge Squadron 3 from a budget bin for a surprisingly super cheap price. When I brought it home I just expected a decent game, but when I started playing it, I was virtually blown away(mind the pun, there). The first part of the game where you were flying was amazing, not to mention that the on-foot segment of the stage was just as awesome. I dug it back then, and though it ended shortly, I got my buck's worth out of it.

We are now at present day. I have worn this game out from constant play overs and it is not on that same level of fun, anymore. One of my presents for Christmas 07' was Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2 and the only difference between the third one and this new one was that it was all just flying missions, and everything else was almost EXACTLY the same, right from the menu screen to the level select screen to the flying action, it was only just slightly altered from the third one. Egar to play it, I quickly ran to my Wii(backwards compatible, BTW, because I used to use my GC but now it's spending it's retirement in my room somewhere in a safe little box)and booted it up. Once I start getting into the action, something out of nowhere hits me like a brick.

It's not fun.

Sure, I was upset that it wasn't like the third one, but what I was really torn apart about was how it was the EXACT. SAME. THING. It was just then that it hit me: maybe it was too similar to the 3rd installment, which I got bored of, and my mind just took the 2nd installment like the 3rd installment?

Guys, I really need some questions answered here because this is something that has been running around in my mind for the past 2 years. Has this ever happened to anyone besides me on here? Why would you not like a certain game because it's too similar to a game that you played before that became boring? What if Rouge Squadron 2 was renamed, reformulated, had a different theme and style? Would I enjoy it then or will those gameplay mechanics still come back to haunt me? I need something guys!

ronnoc10 01-28-2008 07:04 PM

That's never happened to me, but I usually don't play large series, and I've never come across two games that were as similar as those three appear to be. I'm sure it can (and does) happen all the time. The Devil May Cry is a series that has been selling progressively worse (as stated by Hiroyuki Kobayashi here, as has the Tony Hawk series (of which I own 8 games, and have yet to feel fatigued). I think that might also be a sign of weaker game play. I've been playing different versions of Tetris my whole life, and those truly are nearly exactly the same.

Of course, moving backwards through a series is always a risky endeavor. Many games are rendered obsolete by their younger brothers.

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