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onaled515 02-15-2008 02:40 PM

Graphic Designer
I have a question to any graphic designers currently in the industry now. What do companies look for in a portfolio and do most companies train you on new software if you are unfamiliar with it? I am attending the GDC for the 2nd time and it is very hard to find companies that are looking for graphic designers. Most want graphic artists which are totally different or just web designers. Any information will be greatly appreaciated since this is a passion of mine to get my foot into the industry with the skills I have. Also with little knowledge of flash and 3dsmax, is it possible to find a graphic design position and what do graphic designers do in the industry besides create the manuals, put together the box art and work with pormotional advertising?

yaustar 02-16-2008 06:39 AM

The graphics designers I know are either doing material in marketing be it web design, manuals, promotion etc or designing the GUI in a development team (which is a one man position in a team of 50+).

If a company had a choice to hire someone who is already familiar with the software they were using and someone that didn't but both were of equal skill, then it is a no-brainer in who they would choose.

Since you are going to GDC, simply what roles are there for graphics designers on a development team.

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