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mattybennett 03-24-2008 04:07 AM

Reverse Engineering a game
Ok - so I've started to get into the genre of Jonathan Boakes' games. These are pretty spooky point-and-click 2D adventure games. (

Some of the questions below are a bit technical and the others a bit simple. Please forgive my ignorance - I'm still learning. :)

I've read his own websites + interviews but he's cagey on how he produces the games. The last one, "The Lost Crown" was really the thing that did it -

1. Ok - so I know he's using Strata Foto and Strata 3D, plus Photoshop, but how does he put together the composite slides for each location? Are these hand drawn?

2. For the puzzles - how are these put together? I know that he's using Wintermute as the engine here and was using Director in the past (on DarkFall). Is there a good web resource that can help me to build my own puzzles?

3. For the 3D characters, how could these avatars have been created? + how is Wintermute 'triggered' so that certain ones appear in different places depending on how far into the game you are? (Is this Cinema 4D?)

I'd be grateful if any other Games Producers or Designers can tell me how its done - I'm based in Worcester and very keen to develop my own game around the remarkable locations right on my doorstep.

Best regards,


yaustar 03-24-2008 07:31 AM

All of these questions should be directed to the author directly rather then people who have never work on his/her project. I do recommend emailing the author with these questions.

1. They could be rendered models, hand-draw, drawn in an art package, photographs, potentially anything and then put together with an art package.

2. They are designed and then the logic is put together in script or code. As for web resources, no not really as the question is too vague. Puzzles are just game logic and game design.

3. In a 3D art package like Maya, 3DS max, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Blender, Milkshape etc. They are 'triggered' again by game logic code or script.

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