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Blackwings 10-08-2008 12:12 PM

Beta reviewers needed for Freaky Games
EDIT ** Positions filled **

We need one or more authors to volunteer for our first 'writing assignment' and sign up for the beta and do several write-ups on the game.

Freaky Creatures is an upcoming MMO game on a reusable USB flash drive that is bundled with collectable action figures. Players take their action figures online and build their own ultimate, customizable creature and battle against friends. The variety of parts and powers will allow players to create more than three billion visual combinations. Players can socialize and interact with the Freaky Creatures universe by building their own teams, posting leader boards and stats, and by playing mini-games.

The game isn't available yet, but will be out in early 2009. The Beta recently opened and you can sign up at:

We will have several opportunities for you to get exclusive content such as:

•Breaking Freaky Creatures news

•Exclusive screenshots

•An opportunity to participate in interviews with the game designers behind Freaky Creatures

•Access codes for the Freaky Creatures Beta

•Advanced notice of Freaky Creatures contests and prizes

More information is available at:

Here are some of the things we need to do:

•Write an article about Freaky Creatures on

•Post Screenshots from the game

•Post the Freaky Creatures Crystal Ball Game and/or Comic Strip

•Post the Freaky Creatures Game Trailer (I'll put this up when it's available - if you want to add the video to your post you can do that as well - not available yet)

•Post Freaky Creatures Banners (coming soon)

Please respond to me via email to let me know if you want to participate. Thanks!



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