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CoolDesign 10-15-2008 02:58 PM

Has anyone here tried out this service. Shapeways a 3D co-creation/consumer community that turns 3D designs into physical objects.

They're doing something really cool for Halloween. Releasing a brand new black detail color for anyone's 3D designs. Here's whats on the site:

"Shapeways, a leading global community for DIY 3D-design and production, today announced a new, high-resolution black detail color for customers. Bring your scariest ideas to life with brilliant accuracy using one of the highest resolution design media available. Black Detail (Objet) joins White Strong & Flexible (SLS), Cream Robust (FDM), White Detail and Transparent Detail (Objet) already offered from Shapeways' cost-effective, do-it-yourself 3D printing (Rapid Manufacturing) service.

The new Black Detail material is available at an introductory rate of only $.0.97 per cm3 (66.6% below the regular price) until October 19th, shipping and tax included. Simply upload a new or existing three dimensional mode in STL, Collada or X3D, to Shapeways at, and the custom produced model will arrive in just a few short days, globally. Orders placed by October 19th will be delivered in time for Halloween."

Definitely worth checking out.

tripnfelt 10-15-2008 10:31 PM

I've seen 3D printing before, it's kinda amazing.

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