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Nick23 11-06-2008 09:51 PM

Art Director Wanted for Cowan an UT3 Mod
Cowan is a story-driven fps, UT3 mod that is set in the world of secret societies and conspiracy and takes place in the Detroit of the late '70s and present-day Michigan. Cowan is being produced to enter into Phases 3 and 4 of the Make Something Unreal Contest. We have a designer, producer, writer, multiple concept artists, two audio tech/musicians, and a programmer. It's been in development since May and we're currently wrapping up pre-production and eagerly anticipating the move into full production.

This is a completely volunteer, unpaid position.

You will be the lead artist and manager in charge of all of the other artists on the team, responsible for the creation, development, and maintenance of Cowan's artistic vision from now until the mod's completion. You will be working closely with other department leads and efficiently and effectively collaborating with them to ensure quality, timeliness, and cooperation, reporting to the producer. You will be responsible for planning and maintaining an art schedule and staffing plan, the creation and management of all of Cowan's art assets, the establishment and streamlining of Cowan's art pipeline, and the recruitment of any art talent needed for the mod's completion. You will also, of course, be heavily producing any content needed for the mod that you haven't assigned to anyone else.

You should be a leader and self-starter willing and able to work under little supervision and in a highly collaborative and adaptive team environment. You should be able to properly motivate, manage, and excite your art team members into producing quality work on time and within specifications. You should be able to give understanding, constructive criticism to your team members and receive it from myself and the other department leads. You should have a specialty in at least one area of art design and an understanding of all of them.

Please know, it's understood that you won't already know how to do everything within your role's purview and that it will be on the go learning; this is ok and expected. The most important aspects are a commitment to the project and a desire to learn, with the following being paramount:

You must be serious about working on a professionally run team, serious about working in game development, and absolutely committed to seeing Cowan through to nothing less than accomplished completion.

Team Cowan and the Cowan mod are a group and a project for individuals serious about game development who seek to join and learn with and from a professionally minded team and a professionally run project--here, technical knowledge and skill always take a backseat to dedication and a willingness to learn. To this end, Cowan is being undertaken to both gain practical industry experience in order to obtain a professional position in game development and to produce a fun and enjoyable mod. And, of course, to kick ass and take names in the Make Something Unreal Contest.

To apply, please e-mail a brief letter explaining why you should be the Art Director for Cowan and a link to your portfolio and/or some samples of your work.

Please e-mail

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