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tlegacy 07-23-2007 09:19 PM

Which is beter college choice?
I would like to major in game design and i do not know what to do. I could go to Westwood college and do the game art and design program(not accredited and untransferable) or i can go to Northern Illinois University for their graphic design. Even though Westwood has a more specific course, i could do alot more with a graphic arts diploma from NIU.

h2osmack 07-28-2007 03:42 AM

You've got to judge your passions for the subject. Are you interested in graphic art or just for gaming graphic art. An example. You can become a games programmer by simply being experienced with programming languages and engineering and if that is what you enjoy then go for it. But if you want to learn more specific areas of games programming or do not find the idea of general programming fun at all then i'de go with the games specific one. An example is that you wouldnt typically be able to learn AI in a general programming course whereas in a games prgramming one it is pretty tantamount. Check out the syllabuses on each course and just judge what you think you will enjoy doing more and what benifit you will gain from each.

Jakerod 07-28-2007 12:20 PM

You could also see if the Illinois Institute of Art has anything for you. This link will take you to the one in Schaumburg but there are others that offer the same thing too I think. I too thought about Westwood and NIU but I think I am going to go to a community college and do what I can there and then go to the Illinois Institute of Art for the final parts.

Illinois Institute of Art (Schaumburg)

tlegacy 07-31-2007 11:28 AM

If i were to go to Westwood for game art and design, would those credits transfer to AI? anywhere else westwood is unacredited, im assuming that nowhere else has the specified Game art and design, but since AI does would they allow the credit transfer?

misspuddles 07-31-2007 02:09 PM

I go to AI in Orange County, CA, so my experience could be slightly different than in IL, but I doubt by much since they are all run by the same company. I was able to transfer in many of the GE requirements, including English, computer apps, history, etc, that I had taken at a community college. Not all transfered however (namely math).

I know of a student, though I believe he was graphic design, who went to another private art college in California before attending AIOC-CA, and little to none of his credits transfered. Given the cost of tuition at places like this, that is a huge loss, both in money and time. He had to retake all the basics - color theory, perspective, etc.

If I were you, I'd pick one place and just stick with it. I would highly recommend AI, I like it a lot. I don't know much about Westwood. I have some instructors that work in "the industry", and none have had very good things to say about it. It's up to you to make that decision though. Good luck.

CKeene 08-03-2007 09:06 AM

Not sure where you're hearing Westwood isn't accredited. It is true that their curriculum credits don't transfer, but that's true of most specific curriculum. They do accept credit transfers from other schools though, for example if you wanted to do your general courses somewhere local to save on cost.

I know I probably seem like an advocate for Westwood. I admit there are problems with their system. But to the best of my knowledge, accreditation isn't one of them.

Edit: To ease your fears.

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