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Beleg_ 09-13-2007 07:51 PM

Backround -
Graduated HS in 2006, been in ITT's Multimedia program since.

Problem -
After finding out what area I wanted to specialize in (programming) I found out that ITT doesn't offer any but 2-3 programming courses with the rest being more toward web design and 3D modeling/animation.

Question -
Is there any degree giving institution that has more classes geared toward programming either online or in the LasVegas/Henderson(Nevada) area? I'd like to actually learn to program while I get a degree.

Maj Boomer 09-14-2007 08:42 AM

Look into the Game and Simulation Programming degree at DeVry. I have just started it and I am enjoying it. One thing noticed about this programm vs. others is it is very comprehensive, it covers many aspects of the industry. Not just coding, not just design, not just art work, but all of it. It can be taken entirely online as well.

chrono1699 10-20-2007 11:33 PM

If you want heavy emphasis on programming and not really a background of the game industry, you can try
They offer a self paced course that you can earn credits toward a college degree. I'm a DeVry student (game and simulation programming) as well as a game institute student. The two institutions offer a narrow focus of studies in the industry. However, being a DeVry student it does take some time to finish most of the general studies. For you however, having to finish most of it, I would recommend you check out game institute. The course offers a very simple study...or complex study if you wish to learn a little more on specific algorithms. If your not disciplined enough to complete your studies you're better off taking classes in a traditional school as game institute only offers online classes. If you have any other question please email me for some more questions.

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