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anakin10 09-30-2007 11:16 AM

College or Itt-Tech
Im a senior in highschool and i want to pursue a career in making games what school would work best for me? I live in Utah and I heard about Itt-Tech game design program but also colleges have a degree in computer science. What would be best for me for a career in game design? Also what courses in high school should i take like math, science and art?

Thumper_34 10-01-2007 04:47 AM

Ok there is a couple of routes you can go.

First off,
What part of Game Design and Development do you want to go into?
There is Game Art and Design, Sound Production, Programming, etc...

Secondly, In my opinion Tech schools are nice, but they will not give you a rounded education like a normal college will. It just depends on your style and expertise. Some people cannot handle a regular college. Sometimes I can't lol I hate sitting in classes that in the end don't really help me get closer to my career path but I do because it will help me get my degree.

No matter what, I would try to take Drawing classes and maybe some Calculus.

If you go Computer Science route
Any other type of Math or Science course will help you get into a college

If you go the Art Side
Life Drawing
Line Art
Graphic Design

If you go the Sound side
Music theory
Anything ... music

In the end I hope this helps :)

BretWardle 10-18-2007 01:50 PM


I am a student at the Murray, Utah ITT Campus. I am also an employee of one of the studios here in the valley. And I would love to answer any questions you have about the program. As Thumper mentioned the area inside of game development you have interest in makes a major difference as to what kind of education you should seek. But I see many posts that knock tech schools for not having a well rounded education. ITT has a fully accredited degree program and the generals classes are all accounted for. The only difference is that at a university you would have options to fill certain general’s classes. At ITT your generals are laid out for you, they are chosen fairly well however. The only thing that I wish the campus included were some psychology or sociology classes (I think these should be required for any game designer). I simply took filler classes at local universities (SLCC and the U) to cover the gaps in my education, and to quench my own thirst for knowledge I suppose. Also, ITT's curriculum is tailored for a “game design” position (which is its own area in the industry)... not an artist, programmer, creative writing, or audio position. You get a very broad overview of all of those topics, but what you choose to perfect is ultimately up to you. If you seek an art or programming position I would highly suggest the university route (either a Masters of Fine Arts or Bachelor of Computer Science). I hope that helps you on a high level, if you have specific questions feel free to ask. I have also written a couple of feature articles on if you are interested. Best of luck in your education and future career.

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