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Argorius 12-17-2010 04:23 AM

Thw switch from IP Attorney to Game Producer
I have thought about making the switch into the Gaming industry for god knows how long! I guess I should have majored in CS when I was younger grr...

Anyway, here I am now and whenever I even think about the switch I get so discouraged because it just seems highly experience in the game industry apart from playing and beta testing games, no programming experience, no real art or musical talent.

I ran across a Master's degree program from the University of Utah which has a Game Producer Track programm (Collaboration between the CS and Fine Arts department). I could theoretically get accepted...and I would have something on my resume that may make a future employer not say "why the hell is he applying here."

However, then I still dont have the experience...looking at the job seems unlikely that I would have a shot with a Game Producer like degree...

I do have something to offer though (besides a passion for games)...I am an Intellectual Property Attorney and if I were to join a smaller studio..they kind of would get a free in house IP attorney...I do feel like I have some of the other requirements that are important for the job (organized, technical writing, team work, etc. whatever else is always listed). I could see this as somewhat of an incentive maybe?

Is this switch feasible...oh...and I am "old" by now..38...I dont feel old but I guess the numbers dont lie!

tsloper 12-17-2010 06:37 AM

You can gain the necessary experience by working in ANY capacity at a game publisher. QA, junior assistant to the associate producer, even IP attorney. Stop with all the negative thinking and just go for it.

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