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Benjaminfields741 01-12-2011 12:22 PM

Please Review my Website
im try to get into the video game industry as a concept artist or 3d modeler please review my website and tell how i can imporve on it. thanks 01-12-2011 12:58 PM

First off, your site loaded extremley slow. It could just be my computer but I almost instantly disregarded it when it didn't load initially.

Is this in flash? Not everyone has flash installed.
Your background has the Ford logo; do you have their approval for this? It's a bit nit picky but I figure I'd point it out.

Your resume essentially says "I can draw" on it in multiple places. I think it's safe to say if you mention "Drawing" as one of your first skills then you don't necesarilly need to mention "Drawing weapons, vehicles..etc". It comes off redundant. Also your objective statement reads funny to me, but that's just my opinion.

Finally, in my opinion (take it or leave it, it's your work, if you like it keep rocking it), it has a very...Michael Bay feeling to it. If that makes any sense. Lots of flare. Lots of flash. Lots of things that distract me from what I'm really there for: to look at your content.

EvilLlama 01-12-2011 05:27 PM

Your sketches are good, but they shouldn't dominate your demo reel. You have the sketches section to show off your drawing abilities. To take them to the next level and transform them into good concept art you will need to color them.

For the models, try posting turn table animations to show them off at multiple angles rather than having a lot of separate images. They seem very well done though.

Take the music out of the demo reel. Music affects your mood and thus can screw with your ability to judge how good the content of your demo reel is. Plus most employers evaluate them with the volume off.

Don't make your site one giant embedded applet. That's why it loads so slowly.

In your Employment description, what do you mean by "whole work site?" I'm assuming you mean security base? Can you expand on what your specific duties were? So far it seems like you were in charge of a security base and were responsible for facilitating communication between customers and team members. If that covers the majority of your responsibilities then having a one sentence description is fine.

I also agree with taking out the Ford logo. After all, you're selling your art abilities, not cars.

DockRock 01-13-2011 02:37 PM

I had a chance to look over your portfolio and I wanted to give you some feedback that I hope will help you in your future efforts. A few people mentioned some issues with the flash aspect of your site and how it's a bit slow so I'll skip over any critique on the website layout and go right to whats the most important, the content. So here goes:

The cars you have in your portfolio look great however the problem is you only have 2 of them. In fact those 2 cars are the only models in your entire portfolio. If you really want to get into the industry as a 3d modeler it is important that you show a more vast array of examples of your work i.e. buildings, props, or even characters (if you want to go the route of a character modeler). It's also important to display different genres in your portfolio as well sci-fi, fantasy, modern day. You are going to be modeling several different things so studios want to see that you know how (and actually enjoy) modeling things other than cars.

As far as your "Concept Sketches" go even though you do have full drawings and well thought out ideas the lack of color illustrations and any actual concepts (i.e. Weapon Designs, turnarounds, environment paintings) leaves this section feeling pretty sparse and unfinished. Also one of the most important things you need to show in your portfolio is a clear understanding of a digital paint program. A large majority of all concept art is done, in color, in a digital paint program. The reason why is because it's fast, it's versatile, and forgiving which speeds up progress and reduces mistakes. Your resume says that you know how to use Photoshop but your portfolio overall shows very few examples of that.

It looks like you have a very early start to a good direction so my recommendation to you is to get to work. Make more models, increase your digital paining knowledge and look for reference of other modelers and concept artists portfolio. Look to see what they are doing and try to emulate that. Remember that competition in this industry is fierce and if your work doesn't look like the work at the company you are applying for, you most likely still have a ways to go.

Good luck!

SSShvb 01-15-2011 05:10 PM

i easy loaded the page. my internet is 64kb, the system is ubuntu, firefox

ImGame 01-21-2011 01:24 PM

The site loaded pretty fast for me. I can see though why it might not for others. The flash does seems somewhat...bumpy. Especially when I clicked on sketches. There was a lot of gray instead of showing the actual drawing which was really unattractive. The drawings are pretty good though. However, for some reason most of them seem blurry including the background image your are using (with the Ford logo). Can you make them sharper or is this the way you made them?

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