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LMP 01-15-2011 12:20 PM

Portfolio Website
Well, I figured that if I'm going to go about critiquing other's portfolios I aught to offer up my work for critique.

First off, I haven't updated this website in 6 months. I'm also about to completely re-brand my site, with a new URL and flash free layout within the next few months.

So, have at it, rip it apart.

yaustar 01-16-2011 09:17 AM

Ermm.. Where is the URL?

LMP 01-16-2011 10:26 AM


Originally Posted by yaustar (Post 23140)
Ermm.. Where is the URL?


astrunk 01-18-2011 06:54 PM

Hello hello! I figure in my critique, I would first review your actual portfolio pieces, and then the site itself.

So firstly, for your models: I think your models look great. I really love the texture and the modeling work on them. Including both organic and mechanic models was a great idea and it really shows the range of your modeling skills. The lantern is probably my favorite piece-the texture is very well done and the moss looks outstanding.

I only have two suggestions: I would love to see an environment shot featuring a variety of assets, as opposed to just individual asset pieces. If you did an entire scene, lighting included, this would show me that you can put multiple assets into one level and make them look like they belong together. Be sure to take into consideration triangle counts, because as an environmental artist, you may have strict restrictions on how many triangles are in a scene.

That being said, I would like to see triangle counts on each piece, like you did for the All Terrain Scout Transporter. Again, if I'm looking at environment assets, I would like to know if a bush with a high triangle count is going to lag my game or not.

Onto the website! (Please excuse my lengthy responses).
For the website, I like the clean layout. The first problem I noticed was when the header of the website loaded and I needed to scroll down to see the 'Portfolio, Resume and Contact' options. It took me a minute to realize there was a scroll bar, and a minute of confusion can turn a potential employer away. If you can, try and find a way to fit that in without needing a scroll bar.

I like how the model thumbnails are laid out, but I would switch up the 'All Terrain Scout Transport' with the bridge. That way, when a person is scrolling through your models, the bridge picture will be followed by the texture map (much like the lantern was). As opposed to the bridge being followed by the scout transport, then the bridge texture map.

Otherwise, I would just watch load times on your site, because my (decent) internet took a little while to load the images. I would also add two more thumbnails so that you have your top ten pieces on there.

Well! I hope that was helpful. :D

randy.bernard 02-03-2011 05:46 AM

"JavaScript and Flash Player Required. Get Flash"

If anyone who is interested in taking a look at your site has a script-blocker or doesn't have flash downloaded, they will not be able to view your site at all.

Just a heads up.

LMP 03-09-2011 12:05 PM

I'm revamping it into a HTML only single scrolls page, but it's not ready for release yet

Junel 03-10-2011 12:34 AM

This is a nice topic...hoping i learn more here.

LMP 04-13-2011 02:23 AM

This is my new URL, works still in an evolving state. and I have to rework a few images.

yaustar 04-13-2011 01:15 PM

I have a pretty big monitor (2560 x 1440) and even at fullscreen, some of your images barely fit my browser. Make them smaller and have click to enlarge.

LMP 04-22-2011 06:40 PM

well, that golf spam bot was kinda weird...

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