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Logikfail 03-22-2011 10:37 AM

Pokemon in the future?
So with the release of black and white not long ago, I started wondering where Pokémon is going from here. I mean essentially since their first game the same game play and story has stayed the same... which I think sucks... So I was wondering what you people think game freak should innovate / change / implement to the game to make it more appealing than it has been since red and blue.

My idea in essence is to create a game that combines all of the regions from the past Pokémon games, Kanto, Johto, etc etc into one massive game in one. A lot of people I have seen though say this is a bad idea in that the level problems coming into a new region would make you seem overpowered and in turn make the game seem boring.
My idea to fix that state of mind is to simply up the level cap to maybe 200 or even 300 and along with raising the level cap make it so that the level of the Pokémon your fighting in the wild immediately scale their level to your lead or highest level Pokémon, say if you have a level 30 Pokémon as your lead then when you enter a new area all the Pokémon would scale to around 25 or 28. Same goes for gym leaders except they would scale up instead of down so for that same level 30 Pokémon you would have a gym leader with a level 33 or 35 only the gym leaders would only scale every 5 or so many days of play, that way players could still train their Pokémon to help them beat the gym if they’re having a hard time

Also to add something interesting each person can choose their starting region and that influences their starter Pokémon (like every other Pokémon) but when they enter a new region (after completing some goal to pass the previous region [not necessarily all 8 gyms or the elite four but some task]) they get the option to do a mission / task that is relatively hard, but allows them to start with a new starter Pokémon from that region. Keeping in mind that keeping your Pokémon of higher level in the pc will keep the level cap from scaling up; making it so you can in essence play a whole new game from the start.

This is just my idea and people are more than welcome to comment or criticize but keep it pleasant, also I would love to hear everyone else’s ideas.

EvilLlama 04-03-2011 03:25 PM

When playing Silver, I found going to the Kanto region a huge letdown. One was all the lower level pokemon, as you've stated, but also because I just thought it was stupid that I had to collect a whole new set of badges + final battle after beating the Elite Four. Upping the level cap will only result in more grinding, which is tedious as is.

I like your idea of having wild pokemon scale, but the whole point of Pokemon is to travel in search of more gyms/stronger pokemon. Thus it'd be better for the wild pokemon level to scale to your badge level--maybe the players could be given the option of whether they want their 8th level badge to be from Giovanni in Viridian City or Claire from Blackthorn city etc.

I'd also like to see the conflict with Team Aqua/Magma/Rocket/etc develop more. It makes sense that after obtaining your badges, defeating the elite four, and obtaining a Champion title that the leaders of the Pokemon world would ask for your help in thwarting the plots of these criminal gangs. Along the way, you would fight against/along side the champions of the other regions.
But this has an entirely new story arc and is an entirely new game. I'm wondering if it would be better if the Pokemon League was an online site people could import their Champions/winning lineups to. They could be contacted for periodic events where they need to work with other Pokemon Champions to thwart the efforts of the elite evil Pokemon organizations. Players would be able to upload their Champions from future pokemon releases as well.

TheeCakee 04-03-2011 05:39 PM

Personally, I haven't played Black and White yet. Though, I think maybe if Nintendo upgraded there Nintendo Wi-Fi a bit they could make an MMO on the 3DS for Pokemon, see where that goes.

derekraeapfa 10-01-2011 11:04 PM

I'd love to see Pokemon go MMORPG. The storyline and so are already a very good setting for MMORPG.

After playing the game a while, I tend to get bored. It's great if we could communicate with other trainers (players) as well in the game... :)

n360blink 10-10-2011 12:38 PM


Originally Posted by derekraeapfa (Post 26356)
I'd love to see Pokemon go MMORPG. The storyline and so are already a very good setting for MMORPG.

After playing the game a while, I tend to get bored. It's great if we could communicate with other trainers (players) as well in the game... :)

Man I've been waiting for them to create an online game. Playing it in portable consoles is getting old :mad:

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