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jose2090 04-04-2011 07:31 PM

Looking for international Scholarships (Colombia)
Im a Computer Science student in the University of Los Andes in Bogota/Colombia. Is my dream to become a game developer, actually, to create my own developer company. I know, its a LONG road, specially for a guy with FEW opportunities (Literally, there arent ANY video game studies in Colombia...)

So I've searching. US is a great place to study. Full Sail, Digipen, Westwood College are just some examples. Its really exciting for me just to read the descriptions of those videogame related careers! but, well, I just dont have a lot of other words, Im looking for an online degree (I just cant quit my current career). Still, most online degrees are quite expensives. I have tried EVERYTHING to get in touch with Full Sail, but those guys dont answer my calls, dont respond my emails etc...

Anyway, if theres anyone out there with the same situation as me, well we should get in touch, if not and you know something about scholarships of different schools, I'll appreciate the help a LOT!

zory 06-06-2011 10:34 AM

Hi I'm an Art student in Puerto Rico; I know that has nothing to do with engineering, but I'm also in the same boat as you. I've also look into does colleges you mention and even thou I got an answer from Full Sail, I still can't pay that kind of money, specially when they raise tuitution every year.

So I've been looking around for different options and have ended up with some colleges that are still expensive but are a lot less expensive. UAD and 3dmx in Guadalajara, Mx.; Campus CTD in Ecuador; in Spain; and you can make a search in awn, in their school data base. Is really helpful.

About scholarships is kind of hard to get one in the states, and the ones that you can actually get are about 1,000 too 2,500 wish is nothing when tuitution is 53,000. But you can check out France, Germany, Finland and other European countries that offer free of charge master programs. Just got to go to their respective embassy to find out how it works and if you can apply. There was a website that when something like or .org; I can't seem to find it but maybe you'll have better luck, there it was explained.

Also there is a school in Argentina called Image Campus, is not a degree but it is specialize. I'm sorry if this ain't very helpful since I really don't know of any online degree that's less expensive and actually worth your money.
Even thou they don't offer much here is a link to 2 scholarships

I hope I was some kind of help, good luck!^^

neroziros 09-24-2012 02:06 PM

Re: Looking for international Scholarships (Colombia)
I'm a Computer Science student on the 7th semester in the Central University of Venezuela and I'm the same dilema as you. I've looked into colleges you've mentioned and even got a call from Vancouver Film School but the cost are way to high from someone like me.

I wanted to know if someone have some info about scholarships or loans opportunities for international students in the U.S or Canada. Any info is appreciated!

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