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Marly 10-12-2007 04:55 AM

Big Question!
Hello there,

It's good to be here with you game fanatics. We all have our own preferance though; We either like artist stuff or programmer stuff. I, myself, am a programmer. At least that's what I want to become. For the time being: I am still at the MBO, and I still have 3 and a half year to go.

Note before reading:

MBO = middle profession training
HBO = higher profession training

In Holland, we have only one real game programming school. Actually it is a mix of arts and programming, but you can choose which way to go in the second year, so you can still develop yourself as a game programmer. So I was wondering, are there any HBO's or University's in the area? So like, somewhere in the Europe? Preferrably closest to Holland. I want to have max chance to find a school where I can learn game programming.

I got some questions for if there are no schools in the area of Holland, though they may be answerred if there are schools in the area too:

1. In the US, is it possible to go from a (Dutch) MBO to an (American) university, or can you (just like in Holland) only go from a MBO to a HBO? If so, are there any bad sides to it? If I would want to do HBO and then university, it would still take me like 11 years. I don't want to study for that long! I want to start working in the real business. :)

2a. If your answer to question one was no: Are there any HBO's in the USA that teach game programming? If yes, could you tell me which are the best, and give me some links? I would really like to know which are the best, because I want to be optimally training before I leave high school and start in the industry. If you would like to do that, that would be great! :)

2b. If your answer to question one was yes: Great! could you tell me which are the best universitys there, and give me some links? I would really like to know which are the best, because I want to be optimally training before I leave high school and start in the industry. If you would like to do that, that would be great! :)

Sorry that I typed 2 times the same sentences above, but I wanted the same, so I thought; "why change my text then?" :D

I am hoping that I will get some replies sooner or later.

Thanks a lot in advance to the ones replying!


ronnoc10 10-12-2007 02:43 PM

I can't really answer your question, because collage in the US and Univeristies in Europe are different and I don't really understand how it all wokrs, but I would look into schools in the Netherlands if I were you. They are known from haveing high-quilty game schools. Utrecht University comes to mind.

Marly 10-13-2007 08:57 AM

Thanks for your reply.

I know that the colleges in the Europe are different from those in the US. It would be great if I could go from a MBO to the a US University, that would be a huge step for me.

I didn't know Holland had the name of a country with good gaming schools, that's why I started searching in the area of Holland. But ok, if you say so. I'm quite sure it's not possible to go from the MBO in Holland to a University, it would be great to. You know any other good schools that offer a programming program? If not, in the area then?

What is / what are the best game programming school(s) in the US? I would like to know because I would like to get a feeling of the possibilities for what my future will look like.

I hope you, or anyone else, can give me even more information than you've already given. Thanks a lot in advance!


HagNasty 10-16-2007 10:14 AM

From my understanding full sail's game design course. Though I do not know for sure, they are known world wide for quality. I myself went to the International Academy of Design and Technology Toronto. but I would not recommend this as it is more for people looking to find what they want to do in the field.

So here is the full sail link

Marly 10-17-2007 01:53 AM

Thanks for your reply!

Are those online courses?

Do you think they are better then the Game Institute?

Thanks a lot in advance for your advice. :)

Gshonk 10-17-2007 09:47 AM

I go to full sail and just wrote the article on this website if you have any questions send me a pm.

Marly 10-18-2007 11:34 PM

I have sent you a PM. Hope you'll reply soon,

Gshonk 10-19-2007 06:29 AM

Check your inbox :)

Marly 10-19-2007 09:55 AM

Looks very cool! Do you think it is among the best, or maybe the best game programming school there is?

Did you start as a total beginner, and learnt everything from there?

Do you have the feeling you can make a game now, do you control your programming?


Gshonk 10-20-2007 07:38 PM

1.Well I know its ranked in the top 5.
2.I had almost no programming experience and none with C++ before I started Full Sail.
3. Well I have made two full games now. One all by myself and one with a team of four so yea. I mean they were both 2d games but I have a very good understanding and I still have 8 months left.

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