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Scove 08-01-2011 11:19 AM

Looking for Article, Review and News Writers for Student Site….
Hey everyone,

I really hope this comes across right as I am genuinely looking for a great bunch of people to contribute and be apart of my growing site. We are looking for Article and News writers on various topics, as well as reviewers and general forum goers to get the activity and content going.

I, with a small team, run a site called Study cove ( which has now evolved into a great little site. Instead of the review site we started out as, we now upload news, reviews, articles and videos from our members. These covers a wide range of things from gaming, film, music, books and really the user has the option to what is uploaded. Of course we cover student work as well which is now in the process of building up content that can help others out.

This is what brings me here to hopefully get a few new faces writing and sharing their work.

Really it is a great site to showcase your work and its getting busier by the day. We’re trying to get more of a community going on the forums as well as the site in general so also drop by there too.

We have also just had a new layout completed which I hope is a bit more welcoming than the previous. Also as im sure you’re aware I cant offer anything in return money wise but we have managed to help a few users in other ways as a way of thanks. A few of the guys from the site have used it as a place to showcase their writing and have had some great things come from it so im hoping any people that pop by get the same feel. Any money that does eventually come the way will be put back into the site via competitions and further grow the user base/website.

Please email me if interested or of course PM/reply here.

I assure that you will be apart of a growing community and all of your contributions will be showcased in some way around the site.

Cheers all


wbsmithiv 08-09-2011 08:36 AM

Hi there Steve,
I would be extremely interested in writing reviews and news for your site. I recently got into freelance writing after finishing my masters in American history and have been looking for opportunities in media writing. If your interested or want more details email me at I have work online already that I can link to you. Anyway, I look forward to talking with you.


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