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dksung 09-16-2011 07:30 PM

help and advices needed
I'm a highschool student, currently i'm choosing a course for my college next year. I'm interested in video game cinematics/ cutscenes / graphical stuffs.

In order to make video game cinematics/ cutscenes/ graphical stuffs...
Is a "animation diploma/ degree" sufficient to make these?

However, i saw animation courses offer Pixar-like graphic animation stuffs.... It totally looked different as compared to AAA video game cinematic animation stuffs.. The Pixar-like animations seemed to be exaggerated and doesn't seemed realistic. It looks childish and aint mature/cool as seen in AAA video games.

Is the Pixar-like exaggerated animations are the basics of achieving highly realism and cool animations as seen in AAA video games?

Is "Diploma in animation" is the right path to get involved in video game cinematics/ development?

tsloper 09-16-2011 08:38 PM

Nothing is "sufficient." You need a degree and a portfolio, and to live in the right location, and be lucky...
You should get a degree, not a diploma or certificate.

yaustar 09-17-2011 01:49 AM

There are reasons for 'Pixar-like' exaggerated animations which you will learn during your education and they do exist in AAA games.

Rybo5000 09-17-2011 08:15 PM

Regardless of what style you are taught, those skills will still come in necessary for all types of modelling and animation.

Deo85 09-26-2011 04:06 AM

Getting a degree is vary helpful in the sense that you will learn the fundamentals in your chosen field but remember that what u want to do contains a tone of skills. I was just like you 6 years ago and the best advice I was given in college (Westwood, Game art and Design) was pick a trade IN 3D and master it. For example become the best 3D Modaler / Texture artist or Animation / rigger or lighting / FX. See the pattern? I ignored this advice and it hurt me in the long run but on the other hand I became a great generalist which is why I am now a Art Director. Master of none generalist of many :P

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