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Gp Staff 11-20-2011 07:49 PM

Gamerplex Looking for Writers/Editors NO PAY
Hey Everyone!

My names Jacob and im the Owner of Gamerplex at

We are currently looking for new writers and editors (possible an Editor-in-Chief) position). It is a non paid job! We definitely want people that are passionate about gaming and want to help build a growing community!

Email for more info or to apply!

Gamerplex has been around for about two years now, we attended E3 2011 and plan to go back next year and possibly bring some staff along. We also plan to have a booth at PAX Prime 2012. We do get review copies on most games, but some not so much so we might ask for a review of a game you bought. We have been on the Xbox LIVE Dashboard for a Community Playdate back in September and have another planned for December! We also plan o start doing a lot of video content starting the beginning of the year!

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