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enjreviews 01-03-2012 09:04 AM

Game Reporters Wanted!

[SIZE="3"]We are ENJ Gaming, an expanding gaming website

ENJ are looking for a person to report on anything inside the gaming industry. This type of job is vital to ENJ's online survival. A Gaming Reporter willl usually write around 4-10 small articles a week with about 100-250 words each - but don't worry we don't put pressure on anybody- Quality not Quantity. [/SIZE]


[SIZE="3"]Interested? Please include the following:
1) Where you stay UK or US
2) Your age (got to be over 16)
3) What consoles you have
4) A sample article[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]Send your application to :cool:[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]To apply you must have be online regular and have good communication skills, with top notch English Grammar and Spelling.

We not a business were a community. :)[/SIZE]

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